Who doesn't get angry? All of us do! Anger is natural emotional response to a perceived sense of injustice. So, how do we deal with injustice and what do we do with anger? The text we will be using to look at the topic of anger is found in Ps. 137:1-9. It's an event describing a group of Jews sitting beside the river (probably Euphrates) and being taunted by Babylonian captors. We use this text and the event to gain an insight into what anger is and what is the proper response to it.

There are three propositions I will be making:

1. Accept and Own the Reality of Your Anger.

2. Make Sure You Pray Your Anger.

3. Make Sure You Put Limits Around Your Anger.

Sermon Notes: https://churchlinkfeeds.blob.core.windows.net/notes/40264/note-133432.html