So far in the sermon series, "Back to Basics" we covered Prayer as a fundamental spiritual discipline. Equally import to prayer as a spiritual discipline is the study of the Bible. We must realise that our religious beliefs while based in the Bible do not necessarily mean that they will produce the fruit of positive virtues and good character in those who simply adhere to it. So, is there a correlation between our beliefs on one hand and the fruit of virtues and character exemplified in our lives? There is. It's called spiritual discipline of habitual and earnest prayer and study of the Bible. The fundamental question we are asking is, 'How do we use the Bible as a spiritual discipline for building a virtuous character which confirms what we believe?

In order to answer this question we need to understand and embrace the important truths about the Bible:

1. We Need to recognise the Authority and the Beauty of the Bible.

2. We Need to Access the Power of the Bible.

3. We Need to Discover the Secret of the Bible.

Interactive Sermon Notes: